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You, like most of my readers, are an ambitious college or MBA student with a super competitive type-A personality
You are eager to become a successful investment banker after you graduate, and here’s why you should book a call today.

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Working on industry-transforming, multi-million dollar deals along with other brilliant people, despite your lack of experience, is the ideal way to learn.

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Make a six-figure salary directly out of school - who doesn't need help paying down those student loans?

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Get a job with the most flexible and best exit opportunities later on.

You want to live out this vision of your life, but so does everybody else. They say nothing good comes easy, and although investment banking can help you achieve all of these things (it has for me), it is one of the toughest fields to break into upon graduation.

About Sam

About 1

Founder Of Wall Street Mastermind

In 2007, as I sought to recruit for my investment banking summer internship, I certainly didn’t have all the boxes checked.
I had taken an unpaid internship but didn’t get any real responsibilities.

Fortunately, getting into investment banking was a lot less challenging back then.
Despite all of my shortcomings, I was able to land several interviews, thanks to my nicely structured resume. – Acing the interview was a whole other story, however.

Luckily, it came down to the last firm I interviewed with. Maybe I got a bit better from messing up all of my previous interviews – I got in with the Bear Stearns.

It's Not Whether You Get Knocked Down. It's Whether You Get Back Up.

About 2

In 2007, Bear Stearns’ hedge funds collapsed. Everyone knew about it. The firm hadn’t yet sold itself to JPMorgan.
It wasn’t easy persuading investment bankers to hire me when I didn’t have a returning offer.
Hence, my interviewers had no way to figure out if I was a victim of circumstances, or if I wasn’t a great intern.
The odds were stacked against me. It meant I had to knock it out of the park and prove that I was the most suitable candidate.

Knowing the bar was going to be higher for me. This was the turning point- We’ve heard the saying:
” The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
I couldn’t keep preparing the way I ‘d been preparing – I needed a mentor.
Fortunately for me, I found him -one of my school’s alumnus who had broken into investment banking successfully and worked his way to become a vice president in his bank.
He taught me his system – The PRINCE System.

PRINCE stands for:

PRINCE stands for:

P rofessional Experiences
R esume/Cover Letter
I nterviewing Skills
N etworking Skills
C ase Experience
E xtracurricular Activities

With his support, I significantly improved all six areas and more importantly learned how to tie it all together into one coherent narrative.

With my mentor’s guidance, I’ve ended up :

  • Securing the single offer available that year in Deutsche Bank’s Technology Investment Banking group.
  • Coming to be the top analyst in my class with the highest bonus at the end of my 1st year
  • Joining Morgan Stanley’s technology investment banking group. There I worked two yrs for one of the top groups on Wall Street.
  • Being an integral member of Morgan Stanley’s on-campus recruiting team, helping identify and hire the most suitable college students
  • Joining a midmarket private equity firm focused on asset-backed industries – Before leaving, I helped them sell this investment to IBM for $2Bn.
About 3
About 3

 I Would Like To Pay It Forward And Help You Reach Your Goal.

I established Wall Street Mastermind to provide the kind of community and mentorship that I wish I had access to.
I help motivated students like you understand the recruiting process, prepare the right way, and master the PRINCE System yourself.
Put your best foot forward.

CTA: – To be one of the best at anything, you need every little edge you can get. If you’re not getting coached, your competition is.
As a group, we work together to help each other succeed – Join our Wolfpack.