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Investment banking one of the highest-paying jobs you can get directly out of school with an average of $125k+ as 1st-year analysts for college grads and an average of $200k+ as 1st-year associates for MBA graduates.

Sam can help you land the toughest Investment Banking jobs.

Through his unique, one-of-a-kind personal coaching service, he will help you with everything. There is no other service that is as comprehensive or offers as much hands-on guidance from start to finish. Every day, I see more students choose to invest in their future. As a group, we work together to help each other succeed.

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About Sam shiah

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the founder

Sam established Wall Street Mastermind to help aspiring investment bankers break into one of the highest paying, but also most challenging fields out there.

He recollects how hard it was back when he tried to do so himself in 2007, right as the financial crisis was beginning.
Fortunately, he earned priceless mentorship from a good friend who was already working as a vice president at a bulge bracket bank.
Sam went on to work at one of the top groups on Wall Street.

Ever since then, his career has gained significantly.
He eventually worked in private equity before moving on to run Strategic Finance at several high-growth VC-backed start-ups.
Now, he wants to pay it forward and support others with similar ambitions to accomplish their dreams.

Sam's students Have Landed Jobs At Some Of The Most Prestigious Investment Banks In The World, Such As


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